Pour Service 
Beer & wine only
Starts @ $5 per person 
100 Guest Minimum
Please contact us for smaller group pricing

Includes: 4 hours of service, Ice (for coolers) This ice is not considered "drink" ice. If you will need ice added for your guests to add to their drinks please let us know. We can add ice to the package for that.
Also includes: cups for wine (disposable), & cocktail napkins.
Pour Service +Mixers
Starting @ $2.50 per person/per hour
Minimum 4 hours of service
Minimum 100 guests
Please contact us for smaller group pricing

Includes:  Ice (1lb per person/ per hr.), cups (disposable), cocktail napkins, straws, up to 4 classic mixers, & up to 3 different classic garnish choices. 
 Additional mixers and garnishes can be added for an additional fee. 
Illustrated Rosemary
Mocktail Service 
Starting @ $3 per person/per hour
Minimum 100 guests
Please contact us for smaller group pricing

Includes: Ice (1lb per person/ per hr.), cups (disposable), cocktail napkins, straws, up to 4  juices & up to 4 different garnish choices. 
 Additional juices and garnishes can be added for an additional fee. 

Classic Mixer Choices:
Lime Juice
Lemon Juice
Club Soda
Tonic Water
Pineapple Juice
Cranberry Juice 
Tomato Juice
Grapefruit Juice

Classic Garnish Choices:

Premium mixers, juices, and garnish requests can be accommodated for an additional fee.

Dehydrated fruits, fresh herbs, and exotic / seasonal fruits are considered premium garnishes.
 Craft Cocktail Service - 2 for $350
 Can be added to our mixers +mobile bar package. With our years of experience we will create a custom cocktail tailored to our clients taste. This fee covers the time and cost of ingredients for the bartender to experiment and perfect the drinks before your event.  Included in this price is a private tasting of your cocktail before your event. 


We staff 1 bartender per 75 guests. 


Additional Fees

Travel Fees:  Over 60 miles from 77358 we charge an additional $2 per mile. 

Please note: Accommodation fees will be added to clients estimate for events that are over 80 miles from 77358 and have us serving past 10pm.  

Ice Tea
Non-Alcoholic drink station

$5.00 per person 
Choose up to 3 different ones: Water, canned sodas, iced tea, lemonade, sparkling waters. This also includes additional ice needed & additional coolers.

Can be added on to mobile bar packages & we HIGHLY recommend this to all of our clients. Most of the time the catering company leaves first and just when the party is getting started... there are no drinks available for your guests, so everyone comes to the bar wanting a non-alcoholic beverage. We don't mind passing some of our mixers out from time to time for this, but if you select the mixer only package we can not ensure that we will have enough to accommodate your mixed drinks and serving your guests for this purpose. 
Cups of Coffee
Coffee Setup

$5 per person

Includes: coffee, coffee cups, stirrers, sugar, creamer (choose 2 flavors)

Can be added onto mobile bar packages or as a stand alone service with rental of mobile unit. 

*Please Note*

As the prices of goods continue to rise and with the increasing difficulty of finding goods readily available, our prices are subject to change at anytime. For the most accurate estimate please submit an email with details of your event.  


There is no shortage of beverage recipes available to those who would seek them out, but never before have so many event-tested recipes from actual event bar professionals been curated together in one place.

The recipes you'll find in these pages have been provided by over 50 mobile bar owners from around the world, and have been taste tested — not by professionals — but by hundreds, if not thousands of event attendees—proving that your opinion is the one that truly matters.

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